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Lets start a running space

RunningSpace uses running as a platform to champion life and beat suicide. Teaching people how to run is the conduit for building hope, mental and physical health, and strong relationships, saving lives and creating suicide safer communities.

RunningSpace includes the following elements


Coached RunningSpace sessions – UK athletics qualified coaches teach people how to run from walking


A community-based venue to host post sessions refreshments, encourage meaningful relationships, and friendships built.


Prayer a) regular intercession, (not prayer ministry) b) World Suicide Prevention Day intercession relay event

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Volunteers and coaches will attend a safeTALK, suicide alertness for Everyone Training for anyone who wants to learn the skills to identify someone who might be struggling with thoughts of suicide and direct them to further help.

Starting a RunningSpace

Starting a RunningSpace is easy. Just follow these four steps.

First Steps

Gather three or four likeminded people, and begin to run and pray together.

Contact us

We would like to meet you, to share our story and to hear yours. This can be as simple as an hour zoom call, or if you’re close to us, we would gladly chat over a run or a cup of coffee here in Bexhill.

Get training

We can support you to complete your Level 1 Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) qualification. This includes UK Athletics affiliation, DBS checks, insurance and safeguarding training. We offer support and mentoring throughout the process which takes around four weeks to complete.

Get Set Go

Set a date to launch your first RunningSpace session. We can help with promotional material, branding and social media exposure. Launch your first session! We will set up a zoom meeting after the first one or two sessions to give you the opportunity to reflect, ask questions and celebrate successes.

Welcome to the RunningSpace network

Suicide is a difficult subject, but it’s everyone’s business, and we’re delighted you’ve joined us in the race to champion life and beat suicide. We will continue to support you in a number of ways

We offer practical support

Uniquely we combine physical activity, relationships, and faith. RunningSpace offers a way to practically support people who might be affected by suicide, in a helpful and safe way.

Perhaps due to stigma and myth surrounding suicide, churches have avoided mental health, especially around suicide. Education and training can overcome those myths.

practical support

The majority of people who feel suicidal do not actually want to die. They need help to live.


That leaves 19 of us that can help.

practical support

It’s good to TALK

Avoiding talking about suicide is almost always to do with fear – fear that we might make things worse, fear that we might ‘catch’ suicide, fear that we don’t know what to do.

After just 3.5 hours of safeTALK training, people can learn to recognise when someone might be thinking about suicide and direct them to further help.


In 2020, suicide was among the top 9 leading causes of death for people ages 10-64

Local champions

The RunningSpace model depends on local champions with local relationships and networks fulfilling a number of roles.

• Co-ordinator(s)
• At least 1 Level 2 Coach(es)
• At least 3 Level 1 Coaches
• Coaching Assistants
• Hosts (hospitality and friendship)
• Intercessors

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Ready to get going?

Depending on your setting, it costs as little as £3500 to train up your volunteers and to deliver RunningSpace for one year.

We invite you to contact us to find out more about starting a RunningSpace in your area.

Come and run with us, it might just change your life.

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Contact me about starting a RunningSpace

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