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Suicide Alertness For Everyone

SafeTALK – Suicide Alertness For Everyone – is a half-day course that can help you make a difference. Learn to identify people with thoughts of suicide and connect them to suicide first aid resources. This training prepares you to be a suicide alert helper by following the TALK steps (Tell, Ask, Listen and KeepSafe). These steps offer initial help in order to connect people having thoughts of suicide with more specialised support.

This course is for everyone aged 15 or above who wants to know how to support someone who is struggling to hold on to life. We have trained GPs, paramedics, clergy, family and friends, community workers and volunteers to name a tiny fratcion. safeTALK is for anyone who in interested in making our communities suicide safer.

• Identify people thinking of suicide.
• Overcome barriers in talking about suicide.
• Identify reasons we may miss, dismiss or avoid suicide.
• Practice using the 4-step model of suicide alertness.
• Connect people at risk of suicide with further appropriate help.


What is the outcome of the training?

As a safeTALK-trained suicide alert helper, you’ll be better able to:
• Move beyond common tendencies to miss, dismiss or avoid suicide.
• Identify people who have thoughts of suicide.
• Apply the TALK steps to connect a person thinking about suicide to a suicide intervention resource.

Additionally, each participant will receive a certificate, a wallet-sized reference card plus a resource pack with information about sources of support for people having suicidal thoughts.

certificate safeTALK

safeTALK is suitable for all community members and professionals.


More information

If you are interested in booking a safeTALK please contact us using the booking form

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 “I feel much more confident to ask directly and to talk about and use the word suicide. It made us feel relaxed and not intimidated by the topic. I now understand my possible role as a suicide helper.”

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SafeTALK attendee